You choose and create visual content.
We take care of all the rest.

AEROVIEWER platform can deliver visual Content as a Service, of aerial videos and aerial photos selected and tailored by you. It’s simple. It’s new. It’s innovative. You select video parts (fractions) and photos from our database of professional aerial visual content to create your tailor-made videos and sliders. That’s all. No need to download and upload videos and photos in order to have them available and embeddable. We offer you a lightning-fast delivery of your tailor-made videos and photo sliders as soon as you finish creating them, for any device in any location via Amazon world-wide CDN. We deliver them anywhere as HTML-widgets, iFrame, HTML pages, etc

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STEP 1. Search / Find

Find the aerial content of your choice.

In our database we have 1.000.000 seconds of “continuous” video and 800.000 photos captured with a manned helicopter presenting “sea & sun” places in the Mediterranean Sea. 40.000 kilometers (25.000 miles) of the entire coastline of Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta and Turkey are presented meter by meter. It easy to find the photos or the videos of your choice just by typing the name of the area or by dragging the heli-Pin to the desired area on the Map. After selecting the desired area all the available content is displayed for you to choose.

Our database contains more than 800.000 aerial photos and 300 hours of aerial video

Exclusive from Geotag Aeroview

STEP 2. Select content & add custom texts

Select parts of video (fractions) or photos

Select (capture) the video parts / fractions of your choice. You can do this repeatedly and have collections (sets) of 1, 2, 3, 4…., parts of video. The same with the photos. Select photos to create your photo-sliders. Add your caption, title, description and meta-tags-keywords to enrich the visual content with SEO enabling elements

We provide unique visual content. If you have the idea we can make your business to lift off

TripInView show case

STEP 3. Edit

Edit your collections to final promo-videos and photo-sliders.

It is easy. You choose the sequence of the video parts (fractions) and a simple editing effect to join them. That’s it. You have created your own tailor made video. For the photos you choose the sequence and the display format to be either a slider or a vertical one by one photo sequence.

Boost your app with Unique visual content & state of the art presentation technologies

STEP 4. Embed

Choose the form of the content delivery.

Now is the time to present your promo-video or photo slider to your site. It is immediately available and ready to be streamed directly from our CDN to the preferred location or page on your site. The widget is a click away of your site. Copy the snipped in the right place and you are done. Finished. So simple; as one, two, three, four.

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Yearly Plan 15

€144 / Year

* Introductory price until 31 MAR 2018

  • 12 videos per year
  • 1 min duration per video
  • 50 total photos across photo-sliders per year
  • 15 GB CDN bandwidth per year
  • High Quality Preview
  • Served As Widget
  • Non Downloadable (*)

Yearly Plan 50

€492 / Year

* Introductory price until 31 MAR 2018

  • 50 videos per year
  • 1 min duration per video
  • 150 total photos across photo-sliders per year
  • 50 GB CDN bandwidth per year
  • High Quality Preview
  • Served As Widget
  • Non Downloadable (*)

Yearly Plan 90

€900 / Year

* Introductory price until 31 MAR 2018

  • 100 videos per year
  • 1 min duration per video
  • 300 total photos across photo-sliders per year
  • 90 GB CDN bandwidth per year
  • High Quality Preview
  • Served As Widget
  • Non Downloadable (*)

* If none of our plans suits your needs feel free to send us an email at We will contact you and discuss a custom plan tailored to your needs

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