Andalucía, Cadiz: El Castillo. A different “castle”

Written by Editorial Team - 1st Ιούν 2016

El Castillo, is the Spanish word for the word Castle and also a beach in the province of Cadiz in Andalucía – Spain. Andalucía is a unique place as it has the peculiarity of being the only European region with both Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines.

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The sandy beach of El Castillo

This sandy beach has become a dream destination for me and for this beach this story has been written. One will probably say that this is not a true story, rather more it is a fairytale, thus deep inside, we all know that fairytales come true. And when it comes to dream trips, it has been said – and it is true – that when one travels to a place with his/her mind, someday his/her body, also follows. Dream trips, always come true!

And so, the story starts, with me dreaming of Andalucía which I always though as an exotic and adventurous destination, a place so much beautiful like the music of Paco de Lucía, the well-known flamenco guitarist and composer who was born there.

And the story continues, with me, having the chance to see Andalucía in its entirety and as it actually is in Tripinview. I still remember my very first reaction when seeing it: I was completely amazed and I shared one photo with my boyfriend, writing  the message: “My love, meet me in Andalucía”…

This photo was showing the beach called El Castillo!

I was always attracted by the word Castle. For me castle is not only a fortress built to protect something valuable. It is also something I have to put my best efforts to conquer and make it mine… Other times, I just think of it as a wall inside me that I have to demolish brick by brick, so that I feel free. Metaphorically speaking, castle for me represents a destination, either to reach or to leave behind me…

And now, El Castillo beach and the whole landscape surrounding it fascinates me, not only because of what its name means to me, but also for its beauty.

It reminds me of and symbolizes the exotic trip I dream to make, my next unknown destination to conquer. The place I have not been into, thus I want to conquer and make it mine by creating strong memories there.

Tripinview-Andalusia-a-different-castle-el castillo-01

Cadiz. Andalusia. Spain.

Sometimes, I see myself walking in its sandy “carpet” and getting lost in its warmth and my eyes sinking in the liquid horizon lying beside me. I feel the waves, wetting my feet and reminding me of my human essence – sand and water, land and water as one, and me in my entirety. This beach almost seems as if it is a part of a greater desert, thus if one looks around, the landscape, he/she sees desert – water and wild vegetation, all mixed up, all combined in one and I will think: Well, things are not separate nor can be separated from each other. Desert can be water, desert can be the land for life to bloom.

In its best version, the story goes, with me, holding the hand of my beloved one – we will meet there- and both of us, staring each other thinking that we have broken the walls of our hearts and have now become one heart walking at the beach. We have conquered the Castle of Love. And then I dream that nature has a fest for this conquer, and that is why flamenco music sounds all over the beach covering the desert of the landscape and the silence two people who love each other deeply, share. And if not flamenco music, then the waves of the beach accompany us, as a couple, and whisper a lullaby for the beloved ones who rest in their love, as one rests just before falling asleep and start dreaming.

El Castillo, is my dream.

El Castillo, is my destination.

El Castillo, shall be the castle I will conquer.

“Never has a castle not been conquered”.

“Never has a dream destination not become a life - trip for the traveler who has dreamed of it”.

Editor: Myrto Thalassi

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