Mykonos: a different view

Written by Editorial Team - 10th Σεπ 2015

Thank to its colors, fantastic beaches, luxury hotels and its nightlife, Mykonos is the classic Greek-island tourist destination. I am not the party animal kind of tourist but I had to go and see with my own eyes what I have been told that this island is!


Mykonos has a Venice

Well. Apart from its well known party zone Mykonos is a classic Cycladian island. It is colored white and blue. It is full of bougainvilleas. It has five windmills as its trademark and a lot of typical island churches. It also has a Venice, although is a "Little Venice”. It has a series of twisting streets, designed during the past to confuse pirates and deflect the lethal winds. If you want to find quietness you will find it. After all Mykonos is a typical charming Greek island.

My experience

Away from crowded streets

This is the real attraction: walking around the streets: shopping, dining, coffeeing or simply strolling. The core of the town is literally a maze, designed by the Mykonians centuries ago to discourage would-be invaders from finding their way. That tactic is successfully applied in our days.



We enjoyed local ladies watering pots of flowers that gently layed on windows and bougainvillea covering the walls while elderly men look after the tiny chapels built in almost every Mykonian house. We enjoyed cheap but fine coffee from a bakery shop and some tasty snacks from a small shop.




Quiet beaches

Thanks to lifestyle magazines it was my bigger fear. Shall we find any quiet beach away from the crowd? Oh yes! We found and it was not only one. The north coast is full of quiet sandy beaches and a perfect example is Ftelia. Another quiet beach is Kapari and another is Panormos (the free part), Agios Ioannis and Agios Sostis. Advice: Get some food from a bakery and enjoy a full-day stay in Agios Sostis. It is fantastic.




Unspoilted places

At the heart of the island is the town of Ano Mera. It is a quite village where we have been merged with the locals at a taverna and spend memorable moments for 3 days. Mister Panagiotis, a 75-years old wise fisherman gave us precious life advices and guided us to the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, a 18th-century church full of icons and a classical tower that was built as late as the Thirties by marble-cutters from Tinos island.





Wherever you are, everywhere in the world, the top secret of great vacations is to be merged with local people.  Ms. Vivi and Captain Nikos, the owners of our room were a lovely couple of authentic Mykonians, living there from their birthdays, although captain was absence for plenty of time. Our great view balcony became the best place in town for 5 nights. We have analyzed World crisis, Kavvadias poetry, Nitsche the second World war and the best of all: we made kopanisti, the characteristic, spicy myconian cheese and we had tones of ouzo to accompany. Bless you!

The authentic Mykonos is a different island. I had 5 wonderful days but it was not enough. I have a smell but I definitely need to live more of it. So, let's meet in Mykonos, Easter time next year.

Editor, Vassilis


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