Tripinview: World’s 1st visual travel website

Fly over the Mediterranean coastline and see your favorite or future destinations and see points of interest exactly as it is!

Tripinview is an innovative web platform and mobile application for travelers from all over the world. It presents the entire coastline of countries that are beach and sun destinations, in a unique way with geotagged aerial photos and aerial video.

Tripinview is available on personal computers and Smartphones that allows users to enjoy 300 hours of High Definition video and 800.000 High Definition photos of the coastline, taken from a helicopter. The whole content at this moment illustrates 40.000 kilometers of the Mediterranean coastline (meter by meter) of the following countries: Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Monaco and Turkey.

Mission and Vision


We want to change the way people explore destinations and plan their vacations.


We are determined to give travelers the power to explore, discover and choose vacation destinations by providing information in a unique visual way.


Tripinview plans to cover all “sun and beach” country destinations, starting from the most prominent coastlines that already populate the largest majority of leisure travelers (Mediterranean, Carribean, South-East Asia).

Innovative, Visual, Integrated, Global, Unique and Traveler Focused


A very innovative presentation method called TriSynchron© (interactive Tri-media Synchronization) allows users to explore destinations by geotagged photos and videos presented on a map.


Travelers are inspired, search, find places, choose destinations and plan their vacations while hoteliers can pin their facilities and provide more context for their hotels.


Tripinview is World’s 1st visual travel website presents high definition aerial video and photos of the entire coastline of famous destinations for “sea and sun” holidays.


Visitors are able to see destinations from above exactly as they are. Overview images provide a wider understanding, while detailed images unveil details and video let you enjoy the flight.


Global travelers who travel to the Mediterranean sea for summer vacations are now able to discover the entire coastline of Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Greece and Turkey.

Traveler Focus

Tripinview reveals to travelers the real view of the Mediterranean coastline with 800.000 aerial, high definition photos – overview and detailed - and 300 hours of aerial video.