Cyprus: A true Experience

Written by Guest Post - 15th May 2019

Cyprus is overall a beautiful island. However, it seems to have two different worlds. The northern part is the direct opposite of the southern part in many aspects. The latter has advanced and embraced modernization while the former is still trailing behind in time. One of the evidence that the northern part is still in the past is the Kyrenia Mountains, which is still scattered with old ruins.

Beach with crystal clear waters, in Cyprus

Beach with crystal clear waters, in Cyprus

Although most of the tourism is in the South, both sides have a lot to enjoy whether it is your first or subsequent times. So let us look at the real experience on both sides of Cyprus.

The Cause of the Split

The primary cause of the split on the island is influenced by Turkey and Greece. Both countries have had an interest in the island. The Turkish army has invaded Cyprus in 1974 and since then the northern part of Cyprus is under Turkish occupation by force. Surprisingly, most of the flights to the North are still connected via Istanbul even today.

Even to date, the south has a lot in common with Greece. For those who are familiar with the island, you will quickly notice some similarities. But what is more interesting is the level of development in the south. And it’s no wonder! There are many tourists visiting this area.

Tourist Attractions in South Cyprus

Before traveling to Cyprus for a great experience, you need to contact the One Visa agents to help you in processing your travel documents. This will give you time to prepare your trip to get the most fun and experiences possible. When visiting the Southern part of the island, be sure to visit the following:

  •        Tombs of the Kings - This is a famous attraction that is nearby in Paphos. The underground tombs have a rich history because this is where the royal families were laid to rest.
  •        Kolossi Castle - When people are narrating the history of Cyprus, this site will definitely come up. It is located in what was once a sugarcane plantation. The area has now advanced to vineyards that produce some of the best wine in the region. See, there is a lot to learn here!
  •        Paphos City Tour - You will enjoy every bit of this city with a rich history of the goddess Aphrodite. It is a mixture of modern architecture and well-preserved historical sites.
Cyprus-Airways connects Cyprus with many destinations around the world

Cyprus-Airways connects Cyprus with many destinations around the world

What to Do in the North

Although it is still dragging behind in time, there is a lot tucked in this region. Here is an example of a few areas you will be interested in:

  •        The Shipwreck Museum - Here, you will get to know how the life of the old sailors looked when operating warships. It is rich in history and makes up an important part of Cyprus. Be sure to use the guide to explain everything.
  •        Kyrenia Mountains - Bikers and hikers will enjoy the view of the ruins, ancient walls, and the Mediterranean forest in this region. Again, it is a wonderful play to be in you love nature, history, and culture.


When you visit Cyprus, be ready for a great experience whether you visit the North or South. There are also clean and tranquil beaches that make any vacation a memorable one.



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