List of 2019’s Most Popular Luxury Vacations

Written by Editorial Team - 10th Jul 2019

2019 is almost half over. But that is no reason to despair. Summer is approaching, which means there is still plenty of time to book your next luxury vacation. There are so many popular luxury villas all over the world. These accommodations offer guests the chance to experience new cultures, food, and more, all while enjoying a luxury experience.

Portofino in Italy is an elegant and luxurious Destination

Portofino in Italy is a well known Destination for luxury vacations

What is more, there are so many new options for places to stay in. Maybe you want to head to the Caribbean, or perhaps you want something totally new. In 2019, it’s all available to you, from luxury resorts nestled in the mountains of Asia to beachside villas in the Mediterranean.

So what are the hottest luxury vacation spots of 2019?

  1. Turkey

Oludeniz beach. Famus and luxurious

Oludeniz beach. Famus and luxurious

The Turkish Riviera was once all but closed to passengers from the West. But now, it’s open, and Turkey is seeing a tourist market opening like never before. For the first time, you’ll get to see all the luxuries of the Turkish side of the Aegean.

There, you’ll experience crystal coastlines and beautiful beachside living like never before. All along the Turquoise Coast are opportunities for the best in fine dining, spa treatments, nightlife, and of course, luxury vacation rentals.

  1. Egypt

 Egypt might not be synonymous in most minds with luxury vacation rentals. But travelers in 2019 are all about going off the beaten path and finding new places to visit. Experts say that tourism in Egypt is set to triple in 2019 for several reasons. For one, there are new opportunities for cruises up the Nile. These include views of archeological sites. Secondly, the Grand Egyptian Museum has relocated with more fascinating historical sights than ever.

  1. France 

France has always been a popular luxury holiday destination, and for good reason. The country is full of luxury experiences. Whether you are staying in Paris or looking for a luxury villa rental in the wine country, France has an endless number of luxury vacation experiences.

What is more, it gives you the chance to find an experience that is tailored to your interests, whether you are interested in history, culture, food, art, or beachside living. This beautiful country has it all — and its name is practically synonymous with luxury. It’s a destination that is unlikely to lose popularity any time soon.

  1. India

 India is yet another place that has only recently become known as a luxury destination. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of luxury vacation experiences in India. Of particular place is Mumbai, where you can find luxury vacation rentals in the heart of neighborhoods that center on art, theater, and culture.

  1. Chile

 For people looking for a luxury experience that is a little more secluded, Patagonia is the newest hot spot. It provides the most beautiful and secluded luxury villa rentals in view of untouched mountains. If you are looking for a real getaway that still has all the amenities, consider making Chile your next vacation destination.

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