Naples reveals itself from the top of Vesuvius

Written by Editorial Team - 11th Oct 2019

Mount Vesuvius is a must-see to be included in one of the many tour itineraries for tourists who choose the Neapolitan territory

From the highest point of Mount Vesuvius you can enjoy a unique and enchanting view of Naples.

The mountain marks the skyline of the Neapolitan city and offers a fantastic view of the capital of Campania and is also visible from the entire coast.

Partial view of Napoli port as seen from a manned helicopter

Naples - Italy. Aerial view of a part of Napoes magnificent port

Among the most popular destinations for tourists, the volcano that dominates Naples is one of the most evocative places.

Who chooses to reach it must necessarily walk the last stretch, crossing a beautiful enchanted path, able to accompany the visitor up to the great cone, or the inner crater, from which the view over the city and the entire gulf is a unparalleled experience.

Mount Vasuvius

Mount Vesuvius, a protected park of unique beauty. Today Vesuvius is a protected park, certainly one of the most enchanting areas on the planet.

Those who have a passion for nature and paths immersed in nature will fall in love with the place. The breathtaking view is not the only thing to be appreciated of Mount Vesuvius. The more than 50 kilometers of paths offer an intricate network of trails that allow you to reach the top up to the crater area.

For the tourist who decides to visit the Neapolitan territory, Mount Vesuvius is a must to include in one of the many travel itineraries.

Evaluating the various options you can consider participation in group tours, tailor-made proposals, small groups or private tours.

Mount Vesuvius is an integral part of many itineraries

The many tourist proposals to discover the area are made by professionals in the sector, managers who have decades of experience in online service marketing. So it is easy to find the right solution, starting with excursions which include food and wine tastings and a stop on Vesuvius

Amalfi soast. Onda the tiny village

Praiano area from above. Onda the tiny village on Amalfi soast


The trip on  Mount Vesuvius is an integral part of a whole series of daily visits departing from Pompeii, or it is one of the many destinations included in itineraries that consider more days of visit, packages that allow you to get to know the urban area of ​​Naples from close up, the surroundings, the coast, the islands of the gulf.

Mount Vesuvius and the many attractions of Naples and the Amalfitan Coast

The most popular attractions for people who have chosen to get to know this part of the Italian coast more closely include Mount Vesuvius.

Heli-tour over Vesouvius mountain and the city of Napoli

Heli-tour over Vesuvius mountain and the city of Napoli

The Amalfi area and coastline

However, it is possible to expand horizons since a visit to Piazza del Plebiscito and Castel dell'Ovo is a must, so as a walk to Spaccanapoli which is one of the most important arterial roads located in the old city center.

The visit can also be extended to an excursion to Pompeii, Amalfi, Capri or Herculaneum, appreciated worldwide for its archaeological excavations.

For the trip to Italy we choose to create a tailor-made itinerary

Thanks to the professionals working in the tourism sector, the traveler can choose to create a personalized itinerary, able to include every centimeter of Italian territory.

The Digital Travel Consultants will offer their support and will be able to construct a travel itinerary to tourists measure.

Simply fill out a form carefully, highlight all the preferences and needs, and the desire to visit Rome, discover Florence which is the cradle of the Renaissance, appreciate Naples, the coast and the gulf. They will become a splendid reality, and a perfect travel tour.

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