Written by maya gaki - 21st May 2018

Napoli & surroundings. So many places to see

And why Napoli? You may ask. Do not even think about it. Just do it.  Just because it is a miracle. Because it is Napoli. Napoli, bella Napoli.

A part of Napoli coastline

A part of Napoli coastline

And because of Pompei. Because of Amalfi coast. Because of Ravello. Because of Sorrento. And Positano. And Capri. And Procida. And Ischia. Because of Posillipo and Pozzuoli. Because of San Gennaro. Because of an amazing countryside, because of a glory history, because of high level culture, of culinary art and above all, because we owe it to the city. To this unique Mediterranean gem.

Amalfi coast, Capmania, Italy

Amalfi coast, Capmania, Italy

Spectacular views, culture, history, tradition. All in one.

For so many years, on any occasion we were dreaming a trip to Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily. What about Napoli? What about one of the oldest, most important and richest Italian kingdoms until the end of the 19th century? Its historic centre is an Unesco World Heritage Site, its castles, churches and palaces indicative of a fabulous architecture and glory, its archaeological treasures are among the world’s most important, and the food, a real myth… seafood delicacies, street snacks, famous pizza and pasta, sweet delights.

Amalfi, Campania, Italy

Amalfi, Campania, Italy

Best time to visit

Best time of the year to visit this urban anarchic yet beloved sprawl is, in my opinion, late April, May, early June, September and October. You need to smell the lemon trees, the flowers, the pines and the sea breeze, to admire the south Italian sunlight, and to avoid by all means the summer crowd.

I left Athens to meet my friends in Naples and started an amazing journey the 23rd of April.

Security. Things have changed.

Two things not to forget to tell you. One. The feeling of safety that I felt, walking all alone sometimes in a city with a bad, so far, reputation on what concerns ‘’ the female bags’’. Two. The wonderful place we choose to stay, ‘’The Five Rooms-Napoli’’, in Piazza Garibaldi. Security measures are obvious and come now to fruition, which is really good for the local tourism.

Our fantastic hotelier was Alfredo. A young and restless man, well educated, with love and passion for his job and his hometown. Nothing would be the same if we haven’t met him.

Sorento, Campania, Italy

Sorrento, Campania, Italy

Chief Editor and friends

Compania Napolitana

View of Sorento coat, Campania, Italy

View of Sorento coast, Campania, Italy

According to his suggestions we organized the perfect trip. We rent a car with a driver for a full day visit to Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. Another day to Pompei and Capodimonte.

A four days story

We visited some museums (impossible to see them all in one visit) and stayed for hours in front of Pompei frescos and mosaics. The Archaeological   Museum is legendary. The San Carlo Opera house. The New Castle Civic Museum.



Modern face of Napoli

Modern face of Napoli

The Palazzo Reale, the Ovo Castle, the San Michele castle and its breathtaking view all over the city and the gulf. Some shopping of course in via dei Mille, via Ghiaia, via di Toledo and Piazza dei Martiri. Long walks to Pozzuoli, coffee time to Gabrinus, Nenella for real Napoli dinner, the San Gennaro Church and jewels museum to feel blessed, long walks to the ancient monuments in the old city, the one and only Cristo Velato, Galleria borbonica, the underground ancient ruins.


Traditioanal Limoncelo

Not to miss the walk  to the seafront  Partenope street, where some of the most luxurious hotels are situated, experience the pizza da Michele,  hop on-hop off the red bus for an official tour city

sightseeing, la Villa Comunale, la Villa Pigniatelli, and last but not least, Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace). Do not leave before visiting an island next to Naples. Capri, Ischia and Procida offer you all nature’s wonders and diversity you may figure out.

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