Special Vacations to Consider for the Coming Summer

Written by Guest Post - 22nd Mar 2019

it's getting hot again and that means that summer will soon be coming and with Summer

soon approaching it's time to start thinking about what you going to do for your vacation. Many of us have had similar vacations over the last several years and I'm looking for things to do that are bit different. We don't want to try anything too crazy or outlandish, but we would like to experience some things that are cool and interesting

Sailing boats in a calm bay somewhere in Mediterranean Sea

Sailing boats in a calm bay somewhere in Mediterranean Sea.


For those of us who have this desire, here are two types of vacations that are sure to please.

Renting a Sailboat or Yacht

One of the least often considered vacations unfortunately is chartering a sailboat or yacht. Although not enough people give it consideration, those that do will often repeat the vacation because of the wonderful time they experience. For those that call companies like Vyra to charter a fantastic sailboat or yacht, they will be met with an experienced organization that can locate you the ideal boat to meet your vacation needs.The coastline of Greece

You can choose to captain a sailboat providing you have the necessary credentials or you can hire a crew and let them do all of the work while you sail around Europe and all of its beautiful waterways.

In terms of a yacht, the company offers all sizes and price points to give you unlimited options for how you want to vacation. These floating homes come with everything from large sleeping cabins, to private gyms and on deck pools.

You can make your itinerary and travel plans in advance or decide them when you get on board. You can choose to visit several countries of simply sit right off the coast and go fishing. The options for your vacation when you charter a sailboat or yacht are endless.

Staying in an All-Inclusive Resort

If you have never stayed at an all-inclusive resort, you are missing the good life. These small pieces of paradise allow you to come to a desired location and get the best of everything at one resort. You can select a beautiful location in Mexico, the Caribbean, or some other exotic location and choose from a variety of amenities and price points. These places offer the most lavish accommodations and feature full spas, discotheques, and Michelin star restaurants all on the premises. Many even have their own private beaches meaning you really never have to leave.

Some resort destinations like ones in the Maldives feature resorts that are complete islands, meaning the entire island is an all-inclusive resort. Ou land at the country’s airport and then you are ferried to the island where you stay for your entire vacation. The island has everything you need from beautiful rooms, to fantastic food to live entertainment and all of your needs are catered to on-site.  

If you are looking for a different type of vacation that will provide you will lots of fun, relaxation and loads of pampering, consider chartering your own yacht or sailboat, or staying in an all-inclusive resort.

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