Visiting Brazil: Things Not to Do

Written by Guest Post - 15th Oct 2018

Visiting Brazil

Brazil is a fantastic country and one that everyone should visit once in lifetime. However, there are several things one should not do when visiting Brazil. Here’s a list of 8 things to avoid doing when visiting Brazil.

Do not...

Be Impatient

People who are obsessive with punctuality will have tough time when visiting Brazil. Lateness is a way of life in this country. When you stand in the extreme queues from supermarket checkouts to ATMs, you will only begin to understand why people are rarely on time for any event. Things in Brazil happen at a slow pace. Do mimic the locals and take time to check social media or emails while waiting. A significant saying to learn is that when a Brazilian says "estou chegando". This often means they will be remaining at home and intend to arrive at a point in the future, despite the literal translation being "I'm arriving".

Insist On Speaking Spanish

While the majority of countries in South America speak Spanish, Brazil is unique in that they speak Portuguese and these languages are hardly interchangeable. Many Brazilians speak  English and enjoy all opportunities for practice. So if you haven't had time to master the local language try English instead of Spanish. If you are able to learn a few phrases in Portuguese, you can be sure that the locals will find it charming. They will not mock you for trying to speak their language for sure!

Be Squeamish Regarding Meat

Most of Brazilians are enthusiastically carnivorous. Brazilian beef is one of their most well-known types of meat. However, locals also enjoy tucking into food items such as cow-foot soup or barbecued chicken hearts. If this is not up your alley, you should feel free to opt for the more traditional cuts of meat. Yet, you must not appear squeamish about the traditional meals or you could be offending locals.

Be Fearful Of Flashing Flesh On The Beach

On the beaches of Brazil, less is always considered more with both males and females being expected to showcase some serious skin to onlookers.  Think tight trunks for the guys and dental floss bikinis for the ladies. Of course, you must have in mind that the bronzed beauties advertised in bikini marketing campaigns are the minority with the majority of beachgoers in Brazil being mortals with the 'normal' physical appearance and flaws. On Brazilian beaches, you will see all sizes and shows with locals rarely being hung up on some extra pounds.

Making The 'Okay' Hand Gesture

Making a circle with your finger and thumb may mean one thing in one country, but in Brazil it has a rather offensive translation. Unless you want to deal with numerous angry Brazilians, it is recommended that you avoid the hand gesture at all costs. Thumbs up, on the other hand, is translated as 'all good' and is welcomed across the country.

Be Stingy With Your Beer

While it is possible to order draught beer, the most popular beer drinking option is to order a 700ml bottle with as many glasses as there are drinkers at the table.  Brazilians enjoy their beer “estupidamente gelada” which means stupidly cold; therefore, they feel obliged to drink it quickly before it can warm up in the glass. To order a large bottle for oneself is considered both odd and antisocial, so you need to share the beverage.

So, now that you know what not to do, get your Brazil visa application in and book a flight to enjoy this amazing country.

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