5 Tips for Beginner Divers in Komodo Island

Written by Editorial Team - 17th Feb 2021

Komodo Island, which is located in Indonesia, is one of the best sites to practice and fulfill all the diving experiences. The region is filled with scenic nature, which makes it very attractive and worth visiting for a scuba dive.

Diving in Komodo Island for beginners should be dreaded carefully. The region experiences some great currents, especially in the rockier dive spots. Here are some tips to enable you to be well equipped even as you visit Komodo Island for the first time. Consider the following:

Diver captured from down looking up

Diver in his world

1. Where to Stay

This should be one of the first aspects you consider before embarking on your journey to scuba dive. There are two major options for where you can select in regards to where to stay during the diving holiday. The options include liveaboarding and dive resorting.

Liveaboarding includes residing in a boat, which will move you from one dive site to another. You are given a room within the boat where you get to store your belongings and rest. On the other hand, dive resorting involves hotel or resorts booking, such that each day you have to travel to the diving site, which changes from time to time as you continue to tour the whole Komodo Island.

The two options of stay have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, get to learn more about the two options of stay, by looking into the convenience of staying and diving. Naturally, a liveaboard stay would be the most ideal. But it is up to you to decide on the place of stay. As a beginner diver, the key is booking before time, as this guarantees a smooth experience all the way.

2. Best Seasons to Dive

Scuba diving is possible all through the year. Therefore, you can visit the island any time of the year for diving. However, you should re

alize that even though it is okay to scuba dive any time of the year, there are months that are best in terms of weather to dive. They include all the eight months ranging from March to October.

The most visible moments of the year to go diving are ranging from November up to January. Hence, with best visibility during these three months, you are sure to view aquatic life really well.

There are Manta rays, which are also great tourist attracting elements. These Mantra rays are most visible during the rainy periods from December all the way to February.

The months of January, February and March are thought to be choppy, but that there is nothing much to worry about since the roughness is not detrimental.

3. Conditions

With every dive in the Komodo Island, there are great currents experienced in all dive sites. As a result, diving in Komodo Island is set apart for the diving pros.

Colored fishes

Thousands of different kind of fishes in the Komodo island sea

For beginner divers, you have calmer and quieter diving spots where you can dive and still experience the wonderful aquatic life under seas. You can build your diving skills in such regions before transferring to the greater current diving spots where the action is tremendous.

4. Diving Safety

Capitalize on travel insurance to cushion against accidents that may occur as you go scuba diving. Focus on those insurance policies that provide global coverage.

5. Best Dive Areas

Within Komodo Island, there are various dive sites that provide the best experience ever. Some of the wonderful dive sites in Komodo comprise Manta Alley, Yellow Wall, Manta Point, Tatawa Besar, Batu Bolong, Castle Rock, and Crystal Rock. This shows how rich the island is, and how memorable it can be scuba diving in the island.

A diver enjoying the undersea world

A diver enjoying the undersea world

6. Conclusion

For beginner divers, it is vital for you to understand a dive region first before going. Research properly on it to avoid experiencing some dangers or accidents that you could have avoided by being knowledgeable of the place. Identify the place of stay, the best diving seasons, the conditions of the diving spots, best diving areas, and not forgetting to take up a scuba diving insurance cover against any accident or injury.

Aerial view of Ayana Resort at Komodo island

Aerial view of Ayana Resort at Komodo island

Komodo island - Taka Makasar

Indonesia - Komodo island - Taka Makasar

A romantic-dinner at Ayana Resort - Komodo island

A romantic-dinner at Ayana Resort - Komodo island

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