Written by Editorial Team - 10th Jul 2020

3 Great Country Music Destinations

One of the most controversial types of music in America is country music. The topic of country music seems to be extremely divisive, as people seem to either absolutely love the music or completely despise it. However, those in the South seem to heavily lean into the camp that adores country music, as the music is quite popular down there. One of the biggest areas of country music fame is Nashville, a city that is often considered the country music capital of the country. If you just closed on one of the Nashville houses for sale, then chances are you’ll be surrounded by country music culture. So if you’re looking to get into the phenomenon, what are some quality country music sites you can visit throughout the country? Here are three of the best country music destinations you can visit.


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Country Music Hall of Fame

One of the most prolific country music destinations in the entire country is the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. The museum is truly amazing, as it has dozens of exhibits dedicated to the biggest stars in country music history. Die-hard country music fans will recognize some of the most iconic names in country music throughout the museum, making it a surreal experience. In addition, there are plenty of interactive exhibits and memorabilia on display for guests to enjoy. Even those who are not into country music should check out the Country Music Hall of Fame, as the museum simply just has so much to offer visitors. However, if you’re a fan of country music then your experience visiting will be even sweeter.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

When thinking of country music, the first places that usually come to mind are deep south states like Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. However, the birthplace of country music is actually Bristol, Virginia. In 1927, a series of recordings known as the Bristol Sessions is considered to be the starting point of modern country music. To commemorate this, the city opened up the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in 2014. The museum tells the story of the Bristol Sessions and how they came to be, as well as how country music has influenced the world around us. The museum is extremely interesting, and it is absolutely fascinating to learn about the birth of country music firsthand.

Buck Owens Crystal Palace

Unlike the other venues on this list, Buck Owens Crystal Palace isn’t just a museum dedicated to the history and founding of country music. Although there are some exhibits relating to Buck Owens’ career and other country music exhibits, it isn’t the primary attraction. That being said, that doesn’t mean that the location doesn’t have lots of history behind it. The music hall was first constructed in 1996, and ever since it has served as a major performance venue for country artists. In addition to the performance venue and museum, the attraction is also home to a nightclub and a bar. There’s so much jam-packed in Buck Owens Crystal Palace that it’s hard for one to not enjoy the time they spent there. One can catch an amazing country concert, grab a few drinks, and experience pieces of country music history all in one place. Due to this, Buck Owens Crystal Palace is a must-visit destination for country music lovers.

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