AEROVIEWER PLATFORM, Visual Contnet as a Service, Tailored by You

Written by maya gaki - 6th Jan 2018

 V-CaaS-TBY = Visual Contnet as a Service, Tailored by You

Suppose you like to have in some page to your site a 15 seconds video presenting an area, or a beach, or port, or village, or cape, or anything. Suppose you search and found the video of your choice. What do you do next? Obviously you buy the video, you download it, then you upload it in some platform that you can stream it and play it like youtube, or vimeo, or..., and finally you embed this video (that is the link or the snippet of that video to your site, blog, html page, etc

This is a lot of hassle for just 15 seconds video. And what about if you have to do this periodically, ie once per day, once per week, once per month maybe. What if you have to do this for 100 times and for 20 to 30 seconds different videos.

Too much trouble and time waste for 20 or 30 seconds videos…

What if you could select your video, or video parts (fractions), arrange them in the preferred order to be edited and finished !!!!

This is the NEW era in visual content usage. Remember the term V-CaaS-TBY

Stands for: Visual Content as a Service Tailored by You

A platform for tailor made videos and photo-sliders to delivered as service

The home page of the new Content as a Service platform named AEROVIEWER

AEROVIEWER PLATFORM, Visual Contnet as a Service, Tailored by You

YES. Geotag Aeroview has created an Internet platform where everyone can choose and compose their videos and photo-sliders andhave them ready for integration (embedded) to their site.

Sample of a video created by AEROVIEWER and embedded directly to this WoordPress page

Sample of a video created by AEROVIEWER and embedded directly to this WoordPress page

There is no need to download and upload anything. The selected and prepared content is ready for streaming world-wide, via Amazon CDN, from the time you will finish creating it  This is, a place you can find aerial visual content in 300 hours of free floating (not pre-selected) video and 800.000 photos, of professional quality.

The platform is offered in the form of service and is for the first time that the user has the real content as a service concept at his disposal in a very cheap subscription package.

The visual content is presenting the whole Mediterranean coastline, meter by meter, and is the place for all those who are looking for high quality video and photos for a variety of uses like digital communication offices, news portals, editorials, travel sites and travel blogs, vacation packages promotions, real estate offices, tourism agencies, tour operators, airliners, cruises companies, excursions organizers, ferries, yachts and sailboats brokers, etc has come to make the visual content issue as simple as it can be and very importantly as affordable it can be.

Every user can have served directly to his site, (by creating them through a very simple selection function), 12 X 1 minute videos (composed with unlimited number of smaller video parts) and 30 high-Res photos to create unlimited number of sliders, for as less as 144 euro per year..!!

Yearly subscription plans

Subscription plans for the platform AEROVIEWER

There is a variety of yearly subscription plans and every user can find the ideal value for money for his needs, but in case the existing plans are not satisfactory the Company is ready to customize a plan in order to satisfy the specific Client’s needs

Having said that it is more than sure that a NEW ERA begins in the visual content business area

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