Why You Should Put Mykonos on Your Bucket List

Written by Editorial Team - 30th Oct 2019

Mykonos is one of the beautiful Greek Isles that sits at the southern end of the country in the lovely and enchanting Mediterranean Sea.

From its beautiful beach resorts like Adorno Suites, the best Mykonos hotel, to its endless sunshine and gorgeous sites, you will fall in love with Greece’s best island from the moment you arrive.

Ornos bay - Mykonos

Ornos bay - Mykonos

Mykonos is definitely a place that deserves to be on the bucket list of even the most discerning traveler. Here are the reasons why.

The-Small-Venice. One of the most picturesque sites

The-Small-Venice. One of the most picturesque sites

The Sun

It seems like the sun never stops shining in Mykonos. The island boasts 300 days of sunshine a year and Beach weather six months out of every year. if you come during the summer months, you can find a multitude of beautiful white sand beaches that beckon you to come and  lounge. You can order your favorite beverage on the beach, including alcoholic beverages, and we say constantly shining sun, you can get a tan to remember.

The Fun

Mykonos is known as a vacation hotspot both day and night. During the day, there are lots of activities including water sports such as jet skiing, scuba and snorkeling. If you want more time on the water, you can rent any size boat right on the island and cruise around it or boat over to any of the other Greek Islands or those in the Mediterranean. Or even go to Athens for lunch or dinner. There is cycling and trekking on the mountains and hills and you can go alone or become part of a tour. Have lunch at one of the many local restaurants or coffee and Greek snacks at a local coffee house or bakery.

Mykonos-The-old Port (Overview)

Mykonos-The-Port (Overview)

At night Mykonos comes alive with the best nightlife in Greece. There is a large selection of nightclubs with every style of music to keep you dancing til dawn. There are bars and local clubs playing Greek music if you are in the mood. Getting a late meal is easy and since Mykonos is a smaller island getting back to you hotel is always easy.

The Food

Greek has a cuisine that is diverse and filled with scrumptious delicacies that delight and excite the palate. From their delicious salads, to their oven baked lamb dishes and of course their famous Greek wines, you can enjoy a great meal every time hunger strikes you. And if you ever tire of the local fare, there are lots of restaurants serving international eats to fit any budget.  There are also bakeries that serve mouth-watering Greek pastries and rich dark coffee that the locals love. You will never find a bad meal on Mykonos.

The Attitude

When you spend time on Mykonos, you will notice yourself relaxing more and falling into the island laid back lifestyle. Your stress will disappear and you will sleep better also. This attitude will stay with you for the length of your trip and even for some time after you leave.

The windmills of Mykonos are dominant in the old port edge

The famous windmills of Mykonos

The Memories

Mykonos has a way of giving you memories that last a lifetime. There are hundreds of great picture taking locations and for lovers, the island has romantic locations around nearly every corner. Come with a goal of having the time of your life and you won’t be disappointed.


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