Tripinview users are now able to live a unique visual experience in smartphones.

The Tripinview mobile application has come to change the way travelers explore destinations and plan their vacations. Travelers take advantage of the ‘localization’ features of the app and are able to know in advance the many and different nearby places that they can visit.

Tripinview is a worldwide innovative web platform that presents geotagged aerial photos and aerial videos of the entire coastline of countries that are “sun and beach” destinations. Using its applications users:

  • Explore coastal destinations via more than 800.000 photos and 400 hours of video presnting 42000 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline
  • Navigate easily by using a variety of search tools and personalize results by providing your traveling preferences
  • Discover places of interest and dtailed information about hotels, beaches, urban areas, anchorages, marinas, ports, attractions and landmarks
  • Create your own collections pf photos, save places of interests and share them with friends
  • Tag and rate places according to your experiences and help other travelers learn more about the places you have visited

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