Punta Mita. A True Luxury Travel Destination

Written by Guest Post - 3rd Jan 2019

Here’s Why Punta Mita Is Considered To Be A True Luxury Travel Destination

There are not many luxury travel destinations around the world that give you access to aesthetic bliss and world-class service like Punta Mita, Mexico. Every single person out there that went on a Punta Mita vacation was impressed. Right in Riviera Nayarit, north of the stunning Puerto Vallarta, you can visit a heavenly resort, a tropical idyllic getaway that will let you forget about all the problems you have at home.

In this ultra-luxurious, gated locale, you find numerous residential communities, signature golf courses by Jack Nicklaus, 2 luxury hotel brands, a tennis court that has 10 courts and numerous real estate ownership opportunities.

No matter how we look at things and what your definition for luxury is, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Every single year the destination becomes more luxurious and you may want to seriously consider a visit since it is highly affordable. Besides this, here are other reasons why you will see Punta Mita, Mexico as a tremendous vacation spot.

The Sunset In Punta Mita

Punta Mita, Mexico

Punta Mita, Mexico

Even during the peak seasons, Punta Mita is very intimate and tranquil. You will hear the birds blending with the crashing ocean waves’ relaxing echoes. Numerous celebrities agree and keep coming back. People like Gwyneth Parlow, Bill Gates and the Kardashians love Punta Mita. We also have the Four Seasons Resort that is usually highly recommended by most touring agencies.

The Beaches In Punta Mita

The beaches that you can visit in Punta Mita offer a luxurious blend of privacy, uncompromised splendor and accessibility. Once you visit you quickly figure out why this peninsula is turning into a utopia for true lavish luxury. Sales for real estate bloom and there are numerous high-end clients that can be listed. Celebrities are interested because of all that is written below.

Unrivaled Geography

Punta Mita is really close to 10 huge airports in both Mexico and the US. This is why many that want a really fast getaway consider the luxurious location. You just need to go by car for 45 minutes while you admire picturesque landscapes in order to reach the town.

Punta Mita is surrounded by aquamarine waters on 3 sides. Waters are not polluted and beaches are pristine. You will see numerous private resorts and villas, swimmable beaches and numerous aquatic adventures you can enjoy like scuba diving, paddle boarding, windsurfing, surfing and more.

Top Notch Luxury

Palm tree in Punta Mita area

Palm tree in Punta Mita area

Many are surprised to see this but numerous luxury brands are present in Punta Mita. Various five star offerings can be considered, with St. Regis Resort often being highlighted as offering extraordinary hospitality and contemporary luxury. Every since it opened, it managed to be a true friendly and stunning oasis capturing of capturing local culture.

It is practically impossible not to enjoy true top notch luxury in Punta Mita. You can easily find places where you can enjoy some champagne, go through luxurious ceremonies and so much more.

The Local Culture

The Huichol Indians said that Punta Mita is a retreat that is meant to help with spiritual renewal. The resort’s name practically means “gateway to paradise”. Punta Mita is located close to an area where Huichol Indians are still present, right in the mountains of Sierra Madre. This means that the local culture is at an all time high since traditions were preserved. There are actually around 20,000 Huichol Indians that are present and that inspire those interested with philosophy, history and art.

All throughout the area you can find galleries and other places where traditional and rotating art exhibits are present. Contemporary Latin American and Mexican artists are featured. For instance, Mexican folk art is abundant in Maria Bonita, together with beaded jewelry, handcrafted decorations and lovely colorful textiles.

The Community

You can so easily make real life-long connections in Punta Mita. We already talked about the culture but we should add that you will love the entire community. If you are young and you want to party, Club Punta Mita can offer what you need. The community is active so you can also expect to see numerous locals there.

Club Punta Mita frequently hosts great parties but this can actually be said about most of Punta Mita. You can easily enjoy a Latino concert, taco Tuesday events, fishing tournaments and much more. When you visit during the winter season, Sundays will be an attraction at the golf courses. During Saturdays, you should visit the Kupuri Beach Club thanks to its Churrasco Night filled with traditional asado, bottomless margaritas and live music.

As you can easily notice, Punta Mita gives you access to tremendous opportunities for every single person out there that is interested in affordable luxury. You are going to be relaxed and you are going to appreciate the destination. However, it is really important that you are careful about planning. There are actually more options that are available than what many expect.

Look at all the options that you can find through travel agents that you truly trust. Reviews should be read and they have to be written by people in the travel industry have that a spotless reputation. Be sure that you compare prices so that you can easily see what is offered and what is available. You are going to surely find something that is perfect based on your budget and what you want to do once you reach Punta Mita, Mexico.


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