6 Must-Know Tips for People Traveling To India

Written by Editorial Team - 19th Dec 2019

Traveling several miles away to a country like India can be the most stimulating experience of your life. You might have seen different traditions of India on TV or the internet, and as it can be far more diverse than yours you might be feeling a thrill to experience them yourself. Its popular travel points like cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and the mountain of Himalayas are a fantastic way to spend your vacations away from home. However, traveling to different countries entail a different set of rules needed to be followed by the travelers. Below are some tips for voyagers going to India to experience a relaxed and memorable venture.

India exotic and unique

India exotic and unique

Pack According to Culture and Weather

Always remember to keep items that follow the weather conditions to not be in distress when you reach the destination. Many people forget to do this and find themselves shopping for clothing with their traveling funds.

If you have prepared according to the weather requirements, you might also need to check the cultural dressing needs of India. Most people wear full clothes that cover their arms and legs in small cities of this country. While many places also need you to cover your head with a scarf.

Keep Track Of Money

When you’re traveling you will need to make expenditures for transferring between cities and renting hotels to stay. To save money for being able to tour and visit several places, you can save money by spending it only on fundamental things. You can try and refrain from buying plenty of souvenirs as one for each family member will be enough on your part.

If you do run short on cash you can ask your family to send you money. Before you leave for India talk to family members about how to send money to India in the most inexpensive ways. Some examples are international transfers and money transmitting apps.

Tour Productively

To be able to see and take in the culture and sights of various places in India, you can plan to visit as many areas as possible in a short amount of time. You can book tickets in advance as well as prepare living arrangements for the places you wish to go.

Get a Know-How on the Ways

India is a place filled with traditions and culture that are to be abided by to avoid being pointed out. Particular cities and towns of this country have their own set of rules that are to be followed by the residents and tourists are also expected to go by them. India has certain strict restrictions on clothing and touching of opposite sex. Other than that it has many religious occasions that are to be participated by a whole town, and if you happen to be present on such an event, you may have to join the sacred happening as well.

Learn Language Basics

Paying attention to the cultural habits of a place is essential to blend in and travel comfortably. Learning its language can also help you do this. You can master a few basic words in Hindi, which is the most spoken and understood language in the whole of India. A vocabulary consisting of greetings, places, food, and other essential words will be enough to get you by.

Mind Financial and Safety Hazards

India is infamous for its thieves and crooks. The streets of this country are not a place to walk freely with a lot of money on your wallet or valuable items. There are thieves present in crowds of people that don’t even make you realize that you’ve been looted.

To be wary of them, you should carry money by placing it in fanny packs that can be attached to your body or put less on your wallet to have money to survive on even if you get robbed.

flag of India

flag of India

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