Lighthouses of my life

Written by Editorial Team - 24th May 2016

I can definitely count seven lighthouses in my life! My brothers. My Greek language professor in high school. Human Resources professor at the University. My best friend. My daughter. My wife. They illuminate the journey of my life. They inspire me and make me feel safe. Lighthouse means ray of light, life, hope. A life travel companion! But, what about the real lighthouses?


The lighthouse of Katakolon

I visited the lighthouse of Katakolon (Hleia) in summer of 1978. Although I have already approached 200 cm in height – it was that summer when I grew dangerously and I had pains all over my body - the stone tower was GIGANTIC! The supreme archon at the top of the hill and the whole area! The keeper, a friend of my grandfather – actually they were team in prefa – had the honor – he said – to show me the tower, his room, the mechanism and the swiveled mirror. Fortunately it is still there and I have learned that it has been recently named as a historical monument. I will definitely go back!


The lighthouse of Katakolon, the port of Pyrgos, Hleia


The lighthouse of Lefkada

My visit in the lighthouse of Lefkas was an adventure of my post-teenage years, because of multiple crashes of my favorite beetle, the car of those times. My holidays in 1998 were an landlubber Odyssey. In Cape of Lefkatas I experienced the adventure of the Sirens. The song of the lighthouse, the area, the light, the view of Ithaca and Cephallonia was so magic! Fortunately they had firmly tied me to the chassis of the beetle and I did not become a lighthouse keeper! According to the local travel guides it has been built in 1890, its height is 14 meters and the focal height is 70 meters. If you find yourself there at the time of the sunset you will live a unique experience.


The lighthouse of Lefkada in Lefkas cape


The lighthouse of Plaka

I spent my summer vacations of 1995 in Lemnos and I would have almost nothing to share with you if I had not visited the Cape of Plaka, in the northeast. According to the website faroi the lighthouse of Plaka has a height of 18 meters and the height of focal plane is 50 m. The circle building is one of the most important lighthouses of the Greek Lighthouses Network because of its strategic location at the entrance of the Dardanelles.  You can access it by car. It is some minutes away from the traditional village of Plaka, a picturesque village with natural beauty, which is famous thanks to its fine honey and cheese products.

The lighthouse of Plaka in Limnos island


The oldest lighthouse of Med in Chania, Crete

At Chania (Crete) is not difficult at all to find the lighthouse. It is there for over five centuries. It is the recognition signal of the city, well known around the world. Its enviable history, starts with the Venetians in the 12th century, continues with the Turks, the British and ends to the Egyptians, who repaired the ruined lighthouse and gave it its present form. Back in 1993 I spent some days at Chania and this lighthouse, lit up my room and my nights at the Old Port.

The Lighthouse of Chania in old port, Crete by Tripinview

One of the oldest lighthouses in the Mediterranean sea, in Chania, Crete, Greece

A lighthouse is inspiration, light. It symbolizes the power, the mystery, the loneliness, adventure, serenity. It means hope, optimism and security.


Editor, Vassilis


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