If you visit Greece on July…

Written by maya gaki - 1st Apr 2018


"Ploutos" by Aristophanes

Sceen from the play "Ploutos" by Aristophanes

The National Greek Theater is very well known for its interesting, engaging, unique, controvertial, classic and famous plays.

The summer of 2018 the tradition will continue with two of the most known masterpieces of the ancient Greek gems. Aristopahnes' "Ploutos" (Welth) in collaboration with Serbia's National Theater and Sophokles' "Electra"

So, if you visit Greece during summer don't miss them. It is more than a must. If, in addition you combine this with a tour to the ancient Theater of Epidaurus then you will hit the jack-pot.

You can watch here the trailer of these plays.

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