Technopolis of Athens at “Gazi”

Written by maya gaki - 31st May 2017


The Technolopolis of Athens is located at the old Gas Production factory at Gazi – Athens. The Athens gasworks cease operation in 1984 and in 1986 the Ministry of Culture declared the factory as historic preservable monument and commissioned studies for its protection and exploitation. After years of preparation and renovation works the “Technopolis of Athens at Gazi” came to reality and was opened its doors to the public back in 1999.

Today this Old factory area is a renowned cultural hub and also the place where Art events, concerts, congresses, seminars, flea markets and an Industrial Museum co-exist. A joyful and fresh atmosphere is the key characteristic of this extraordinary cultural and events area and millennials are the majority of its visitors. About 10 years ago Technopolis was on a downwords course, probably due to poor management.

The second youth of a magnificent cultural hub

Fortunately 7 years ago management changed and all the sudden day by day things were getting better. Inspirer, planner, organizer, implementer and pioneer of the whole project, for all these years, is the managing director, Konstantinos Bitzanis. An open minded business & manufacturing engineer, who transformed Technopolis into one of the most admirable culture wonder-center of Athens

I propose you to visit the area, the museum, and to choose activities to participate


Pireos street 100, Gazi 11854

T 2130109300
F 2130109311


  • Technopolis at the place of the Old Gas factory after its conversion to a Museum and cultural hub
  • Technopolis of Athens view
Mr. K. Mpitzanis, CEO, Tecnopolis-Gazi
The Athens Technopolis

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